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Weathering a Steam Locomotive – BR Standard class 4MT – Yorkshire – Dales Model Railway

Time for some weathering now… This week, Mouldy Raspberry weathers a Hornby British Railways Standard Class 4MT 4-6-0.

There is some good footage around of these locos working in the 1960s to gain some weathering ideas. He’s tried to go relatively light on the weathering, especially when compared to the engines shown in the footage!

  1. Used the airbrush to spray the whole locomotive with a 50/50 mix of Tamiya grey and black.
  2. Used Railmatch Rust to spray the tender interior and highlight grime on the underframe and cylinder fronts.
  3. Cleaned the wheels using Isopropyl Alcohol, a 9V battery, and a cotton bud.
  4. Added Humbrol smoke weathering powder to the smokebox and cab roof to add a matte finish in contrast to the shiner boiler and tender sides. Added some rust weathering powder to the fronts of the cylinders.
  5. Added coal to the tender and secured it with diluted PVA glue with a drop of washing-up liquid. 6 – I added grease marks to the buffers using matte black paint and a cotton bud 

Here’s the video…



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