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Watermills Yard – Modern Image Running Session

A modern image running session from Watermills Yard sees the EWS Class 67, the unusual GBRF class 20, Freightliner Class 70 and many more excellent locos in action.

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Favourite Scale: OO / 1:76 Likes: Making small stuff on the laser cutter Dislikes: Counting rivets Other info: Starting to dabble with the world of 3D printing a bit to enhance the products we create on the laser. Layout: Whitwick Grove


  1. RUDC11

    Fantastic modern image collection.

    • Iain

      It’s a great layout 🙂

  2. RUDC11

    Just watched again to see if I get my viewing points.

    • Iain

      Points are allocated for commenting on a video & also the bonus videos. As explained when you pm’d the admin team, the system doesn’t allocate points for watching a video, only when a member comments on a video will the system allocate club point(s) for interacting by commenting on the video.

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