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The easy way to fit Gaugemaster Point Motors (PM10) (By Sam Hill)

The easy way to fit Gaugemaster Point Motors (PM10)

By Sam Hill


For this article club member Sam Hill has kindly taken the time to write & send in. Sam shows & shares an easy way to install the Gaugemaster PM10 Point Motors. So we’ll now hand you over to Sam.

Installing point motors can be a right pain in the bottom to ensure they line up – involves lots of measuring, and faffing to get the screw fixings in the right place under the board. Back in February Justin included in the newletter a link to “” and their point motor templates – ; needing to install 5 point motors on my new layout I decided to give it a go.

My point motor of choice is the Gaugemaster Seep PM10 which is easy fit – no soldering needed and with screw mounting to baseboards. Justin sells them here:

So, armed with point motors and template went to work.

Step 1 – track laid out, template cut out from the sheet its slipped under the track and liked up with the tiebar of the point. Then lift point away and drill the holes. Drill the tiebar firstly with a 2mm hole and then what I do is enlarge it to 8mm. This hole is always hidden under all the mechanics that make the point work but gives you much better visibility to the tiebar hole plus its easier than cutting a slot. Then drill holes using the same 2mm drill bit to mark where the screws need to go to hold the point motor in place. I marked 3 of the 4 holes (and probably should have done all 4).


Step 2 – flip the board over and you’ll find one large hole and 3 small holes. The point motor pole goes through the large hole into the tie bar and the 3 smaller holes are where the screws go to hold the motor in place.


Step 3 – wire up the point motor, I use Gaugemaster PM51 wire ( – although currently out of stock but available to back order. Please call the sales line on 01530 456 952) which I find works really well – trim 5mm from end of each one and fit into the motor, doing the middle one first seems to be easiest. Then back to the board, point motor pin through the tiebar and screw the motor to the board bottom.


Step 4 – success – motor installed, and works perfectly. Means point motor installation can now be done in minutes with perfect accuracy! A great template – highly recommend you download it today!


The club admin team would like to thank Sam Hill for taking time to write & photograph this article.


Many thanks the club admin team.


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  1. MalcT

    Hi Sam, I agree that these templates are are great way to line up your point motors correctly. I downloaded the one for the Cobalt motors as I had twenty five to install. When I’d cut the template out i glued it to a piece of 1mm grey board to add some stiffness, helped when placing under the points.

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