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Stone Painting Made Easy Railway Cottage – (Part 1) Peak District Model Railway

For our second video this weekend, we come in-house to join Sam who is one of the SMS team members for a look at painting a railway lineside cottage. In this part one, Sam shows some of his painting & weathering methods for doing stonework & roof tiles. See how Sam gets on in this video…



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  1. Wingnut

    ‘re cottage paint. I like what was done. But ill throw in my two pence worth! Remember with weathering REMEMBER WHERE THE RAIN RUNS. So some off white where the window chills run. Also dry brush green around bottom of walls(showing damp. Dry brush dark green around gutter down pipe where it overflows. Also green on roof where rain runs. I also put a tiny bit of flock in gutter to look like moss in the gutter.Add this to the cottage it will look even better.


    what a super job,brilliant little building.

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