Scale Model Scenery – Warley 2019

Scale Model Scenery – Warley 2019

Scale Model Scenery’s – Warley Show 2019

The team attended the big National Model Railway Show, which is run by the Warley Model Railway Club every November. This was our second year in attending this the biggest model show in the country. To most the show is simply known as ‘Warley’. Having attended the show last year for the first time with our stand, we learnt a lot with our first year there. Last year the SMS team post show looked at what went well, what things could be improved & changed on our stand for this years show. Plans than put into place for this years show & much work going into the planning & preparations.

Pre-show preparations & build up

Last year after the 2018 show, paperwork to attend for 2019 was soon submitted & plans were then put into place to prepare for the 2019 Warley show. For 2019, we decided a bigger stand was needed & duly booked with the Warley Club. A bigger stand ment more racking & stands had to be ordered & purchased, to complment the existing SMS exhibition stand equipment. Next accomodation was then booked & sorted for some members of the SMS team for the Warley show weekend.

Talking of accommodation for the show a bit of a heads up for future traders & exhibitors to the show. We received a number of spam phone calls during late summer early autumn from a so called agency reporting to be a travel booking company for the NEC. The agency said they we’re working on behalf of the Warley club, in fact the Warley Club do NOT employ or use these agencys. Warley Club have issued this warning to all traders & exhibitors to the show:

 ‘We are being advised that exhibitors/traders etc are being offered “assistance” in obtaining accommodation.  This is NOT an offer by the Warley Exhibition team.’ 

Justin & Tina, then worked on a show stand layout plan to make the best use of the stand area space. Next job was then to design & produce new signage & banners for the stand. These then duly ordered ready for the big Warley weekend. The SMS HQ team & then spent many months & long hours working on producing lots of extra stock for the show on top of the daily customers orders & standard stock quantities neaded for the day to day needs of the business.  The lasers, printers, 3D printers certainly having their work cut out!!

More new diorama’s to go on display including (as we are showing in the on going build guide series) an all new offical SMS demo micro layout using BB017 base board kit, to show case some of the kits in use. Like the team at HQ & Adam over at our lighting & 3d department, many hours was spent in getting the demo layout built & ready for it’s first big outing & unvailing to the public. A special mention for Tim Delahay, for also helping out with making some extra diormas to go on display at the show. (Thank you Tim, you’re a star kind sire!!)

Before we knew what had hit us, the week of the show was upon us!! A final big push to get the final bits done, van sorted, the Friday morning before the show weekend had arrived!!

Load up & move em out!

Last year the van we used was only just big enough, wth more new items in the range & more show stand equipment, a bigger van was needed. Very early Friday morning saw the van loaded & the car loaded & the team soon on their way to the NEC, Birmingham to our pre-arranged meet up point. At the meet up point, all the demo display items & the demo layout transferred from my car to the van. Here the team got to see the demo layout for the first time in the flesh. Thankfully nothing was damaged on the demo layout during transit to the NEC which was my main worry.

From the meet up point we all headed across to the exhibition hall & collected our passes & paperwork. This year unlike last year we knew what to expect upon arrival, a very busy scene with vans, trucks being unloaded, folks all busy working flat out to get their layouts & trade stands set up & ready for the show opening. Unlike last year were we had a lengthy wait to get into the hall, we was omitted into the hall in a very short time. The Warley exhibition team rapidly getting the traders & exhibitors into the hall to their allocated stands & allocated spaces.

The photos show the hall during Friday pre-show set up.

This year we’d been allocated a stand nearer to the front of the hall, opposite Hattons & one of the center piece real railway exhibits. The stand this year being bigger than last year, which gave us more room to work with. The four of us then rapidly unloaded the van (each stand has a set time limit to off load & remove the van out of the hall) & proceeded to start unpacking the racking stands & other stand equipment. The racking & equipment being set up much quicker this time as we now know which bits go where etc.

With more racking to fill, Justin & Tina had set up a racking stock layout plan for each rack which each team member followed, this allowed the racks to be rapidly filled & set up. This was then followed with price labeling up the last few items of stock, & setting up of the display pre-built demo kit items. Thank fully only two small diorama bits was found damaged in transit, & I had them soon fixed & sorted.

Justin & Adam then set about rigging up the lighting, whilst I went off to get the RCD unit tested by the Warley/NEC show team. The RCD unit then tested & given the passed okay for use, it was back to the stand. A final check by the NEC inhouse team & the lighting & sockets then powered up. This was then followed with the wiring up of the lit display demo kits, & all the demo lighting units checked for any faults etc.

With everything set up quicker than last year, it was then time to sheet off the front of the stand before heading off back to our homes/hotels for the night. As there was still plenty of folk still setting up, myself & Dylan had a quick look around & had chance to make a pre-show purchase or two.

The photos below show the team during set up on the friday night.


Saturday morning saw the team up early & back in the hall to complete the last minute preparations on the stand before the doors opened. In the photos below can be seen the last min preperations & team group photo before the doors opened to the public & the doors opening  for the public.


From soon as the show opened, the day went in blur, with our stand being very very busy all day. It was great to meet customers old & new as well seeing many familys at the show too. The show also saw the unveiling of our new SMS company demo layout ‘Dunn Street Yard’ (seen in the team photo). Our layout ‘Dunn Street Yard’ received a lot of intrest, & lots of kind & postive feedback which we thank you for. With a number of customers upon seeing it, bought the BB017 micro baseboard pack to have a go at building a micro layout themselves.

Over the weekend we held a competition to guess how many of our kits & bits we’d used to build & create the layout. The children & adults alike especially enjoyed looking at the layout & trying to count how items from our range we’d used. The answer to the competition if you attended & had a go was 60 items. A lady called Joy was the winner & has been contacted. The photos below show the stand during Saturday & the layout with a visiting HST from one of our customers.

Tina (the boss as Justin says) & daughter ‘Lizzy’ called in during to see how the team was doing & bringing much needed coffee for the team, thank you Tina 🙂

Before we knew it the first day of the show was over & headed off back home or back to our hotel, or in me & Dylan’s case ended up at the wrong hotel, mental note to but the right address in the sat nav next time, lol!! Eventually we found the right hotel & a much needed beer!!


Sunday morning saw the team up early & back into the hall. A tidy up & re-jig on some of the stand equipment was conducted ready for the doors opening for the second day. Sunday is normally the quieter day of the Warley show, however a quick walk over to the hall entrance soon dispelled that with the amount of folk waiting in the entrance queue.  The doors opened & the stand was soon very very busy all day again. During the day a number of well known Railway Youtubers called into the stand, which was great to catch you with them & disscuss their layouts with them. Some them also filmed an interview or two with Justin.

Show closing time was soon upon us, & it was time for the break down of our stand. This year even though we had more equipment etc with us, we soon had it all taken down & packed into the van quicker than last year. A final check to make sure nothing was left behind & a tired but happy SMS team headed off home.

The team would like to thank everone that came to the show & visited the stand, which helped to make this a real success. We’ll be back at Warley next year all being well. We’d like to also thank the Warley club team for their hard work & support. The shows we’ll be attending next are the Stafford show Febuary 1st & 2nd 2020,  Model Rail Scotland, Glasgow Febuary 21st, 22nd, 23rd. As well as Keighley in March. We’ll update which other shows we’ll be attending via the newsletter in due course.

Thank you from the Scale Model Scenery Team 🙂

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  1. MalcT

    Looks like you had a busy but enjoyable and successful time. In my past I worked for a building products supplier and we used to exhibit at the ‘Interbuild Exhibition’ – I was always involved in the setting up and dismantling of our stand as well as attending the four day show so I know how tiring it can be being on your feet all day.
    Sorry I couldn’t make it this year, but will hopefully see you in 2020.

    • Iain

      It was a very busy but enjoyable weekend. Look forward to seeing you at next years show 🙂

  2. wicky0570

    Looks like you had an amazing show. What a stand? Excellent, thanks for sharing the story for those that could not make it this year.

    • Iain

      Hi Martin, I think we have about recovered now, lol. Hope to see you at next year’s show. We’re planning on an even bigger stand for next year!!

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