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Rocks & Landscape Surface

For our four videos this weekend, we join Marklinofsweden the happy chappie over Sweden for a look at creating rocks & landscape surfaces. In the video, you’ll see how to create rocks using rock moulds, painting the rock castings, & applying scenic materials to the landform. Lots of great tips & hints in this video.

Here’s the video…

On the back of this video, over in our club website, Iain one of our team members here at SMS shows how he created a railway cutting scene on his own layout. The Creating a Cutting series of articles are available to Railwaymodellers.comV.I.P club members here:

Part One

Creating A Railway Cutting – Model Landscaping (Part One) | Railway Modellers Club

Part Two

Creating A Railway Cutting – Model Landscaping (Part Two) | Railway Modellers Club

Part Three

Creating A Railway Cutting – Painting Rocks With The Leopard Spotting Method (Part Three) | Railway Modellers Club

Part Four

Creating A Railway Cutting – Model Landscaping (Part Four) | Railway Modellers Club



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