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Retrofitting a Bachmann Class 37.

Progress on my reproduction of Thorne North railway station, 1980 has been very slow and limited due to various reasons. My modelling itch is still being scratched however as I received a Digitrax Zephyr for Xmas. I have just finished fitting sound and lighting to an earlier Bachmann Class 37. The decoder is an ESU V5 loaded with Legomanbiffo’s ‘West Highland’ Class 37/0, and the lighting boards were an ebay purchase. I have utilised Aux 1 and Aux 2 of the decoder to enable the tail lights to operate independently, and in isolation from direction of travel. Configuring the lights in this way allows the tail lights on both ends of the loco to be displayed when it is stabled, thus more prototypical.

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  1. Iain

    Nice job Holls 🙂 Thank you for sharing

    • Holls

      YVW, Ian. I wasn’t aware that headcode and tail lighting could be operated independently until I “twigged” the cab lighting idea on the newer Bachmann Deltics, and realised that with a few tweaks I could achieve that aim 😀

      • Iain

        There are alsorts of tweaks that can be done, which I’m also learning as i go along too. Any tweaks you think may be of help to club members, please do share them here in the club. It’ll be great to share & learn about.

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