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Renumbering coaching stock

For our third video this weekend, we join UK Diesel and Electric Railway Modelling for a look at how to renumber your coaching stock. Renumbering models is one way of getting the particular locomotive, coach models you may be after. For many of us, set to on a model to remove its original factory printed numbers strikes fear into one & thus we end up putting the job off for fear of damaging the model!! However, this video by UK Diesel and Electric Railway Modelling shows you how to go about doing renumbering without damaging a model. With a bit of care, time & effort, it can be easily done. This one is well worth a watch & hopefully will encourage you to have a go yourself.

Here’s the video…

In fact, one of our team members, Iain, here at SMS, took a bite of the ol’ brave pill & had a go at renumbering two of his own locos for the first time. For club V.I.P members, can see how Iain got on in this V.I.P. members corner club article here:





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