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Realtrack Models – Class 143 DMU (Cat no RT143-211)

Realtrack Models – Class 143 DMU (Cat no RT143-211)Score 98%Score 98%

Realtrack Models – Class 143 DMU (Cat no RT143-211)

Voted model of the year 2013 the Realtrack Models class 143 alongside their class 144 DMU. Realtrack raised the bar in DMU models with the release of these two classes. Made by Rapido Trains to Realtrack specs this model features superb details with fantastic performance. Realtrack have captured the character of this DMU & is very difficult to criticise or find area’s for improvement, though Realtrack / Rapido are doing an upgraded version in the near future.

The model has an impressive amount of separate detail parts, flush glazing, working head / tail lights & interior lighting, compensated sprung axles, all wheel power pick ups, fine scale profile wheels. Both cars have motors driving the wheel set at the cab end. The motors are mounted under the floor so there is no intrusion into the passenger compartment by the motor.

On the decoration Rapido have set new standards, the First Great Western livery version has no less than 22 separate tampo printing stage finishes.

The coupling between the inner end of the cars is a powered plug & pin type close coupling. The outer ends feature a NEM socket with removable small tension lock coupling. These allow the couplings to be removed & a dummy BSI coupling fitted.

The model is set up for sound & as is standard from Realtrack choice of DCC sound onboard version (featuring their very own Leggoman Biffo sounds). DCC fitted, DCC ready.

Performance is smooth & reliable giving excellent running across insulated point work & inclines etc.


Key Features:

  • 5-pole skew wound motor in both cars
  • Power pick ups on all wheels
  • Fine details & parts
  • NEM  small type tension lock couplings with drop in BSI dummy coupling option
  • Separate  handrails
  • Brass etched parts
  • Fine flush glazed windows
  • Metal chassis
  • DCC ready, DCC fitted, DCC Sound onboard
  • Working head/tail/ interior lighting
  • Powered inner coupling
  • Detailed under chassis parts
  • Compensated sprung axles

Model featured in this article:

RT143-211 (Named Tom Jones)


Realtrack Class 143:

  • RT143-211
  • RT143-212
  • RT143-213
  • RT143-214

Photo’s kindly provided by Jaike Annetts

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Summary Raised & set the bar for DMU models. Highly recommend.

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