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Terraced Houses-OO

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Model Railway Scenery are proud to announce their first Download & Print kit for the railway modeller, the Terraced Houses Kit. Created using a variety of photo-realistic Brick and Tile textures, this authentic trio of Victorian Terraces will look perfect on any Steam or Modern era layout. The beauty of this kit over regular kits that you buy from your local model shop is that you only have to buy this kit once, but you can print it out as many times as you like to add row upon row of Terraced Houses to your Model Railway Layout!

The kit is supplied with full, detailed instructions and construction guidance notes, plus a vast range of choices for Door and Window designs, making it one of the most versatile kits on the market.Simply download and print this kit on 200-250 gsm card, allow to dry thoroughly. Then cut out the parts and follow the instructions to assemble this excellent addition to your layout.
The buildings represented by this model are typical of thousands of Victorian terraces built all over the North West of England. Originally, these houses had a “front room” (only used for special occasions!), a combination living room/kitchen at the back, and two bedrooms upstairs. There was no bathroom or inside toilet. In the back yard was a coal-house and fairly primitive outside toilet or Privvy. Rows of this type of terraces were built back-to-back, with their back yards separated by a cobbled alley, which provided access for the dustmen (and in earlier times, the “night soil” collectors

By the 1950s, most of these houses had been modernised to some extent, with an inside bathroom/toilet furniture from the BAM Store Website, and often a rear extension to house a more modern kitchen. Many still appear in this form, and that is the way these models are presented.

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