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Nissen Hut – OO/4mm/1:76

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A versatile Nissen Hut kit for anyone modelling 1945 onwards. Whether your layout has a military theme or not, our Nissen Hut will fit right in as a storage unit, workshop or for any other use on your layout as well as on an airfield. This easy to build kit comes complete with a wide range of end wall finishes, a selection of alternative end wall layouts (door / window types and positions) as well as a choice of roof finishes, including weathered, galvanised corrugated iron and camouflage finishes. Or for a unique look, why not mix & match adding patches of corrugated iron from each roof texture supplied to represent repairs & patches that have been applied to keep the the building in serviceable condition over the years.

Supplied as a download and print Adobe PDF file, you can build as many of these kits as your layout needs from a single purchase (just print out as many as you require), plus there’s plenty of scope for customisation too.

The kit includes the following features:

  • L:240, H:45, W:90mm excluding base
  • Wrap-over construction – no visible cut edges.
  • 6 different end textures.
  • 2 different styles of roof, each with or without camouflage giving 4 different finish options
  • 4 different end styles with 2 alternatives for each, giving 8 different ends wall designs plus blank end option
  • Optional side windows (2 sizes) and side doors (4 different styles of each included).
  • Optional base with paving.
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