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Low Relief Industrial Unit #4 OO/4mm/1:76

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The fourth of our very low relief industrial unit kits for use along the back edge of your layout. Very easy to build. Comes with a variety of signage etc so you can build a complete industrial estate from this one kit. Supplied with additional high brick walling and can also be built with blank walls to mimic the end view of an industrial unit.
Our latest range of low relief kits for the OO Scale Modeller… A range of super-low relief industrial units, just 10mm deep and will sit perfectly along the backscene of your model railway layout or diecast diorama. The first three have now also been updated to use the newer construction techniques which utilise recycled card for all base layers, resulting in a stronger, sturdier model one complete. Each comes with a different combination of wall and door design with no fixed positioning, so you can create an entirely unique building from each kit, plus a good selection of doors and signage too! The updated kits use high-resolution, photo-realistic paper wraps over the recycled card base layers resulting in a superior finish with no or minimal visible cut card edges once complete.
Each kit is also supplied with an alternative blank wall which can be used to build the kit up as the end wall of an industrial unit which is sited perpendicular to your backscene which can then sit behind the high brick wall if desired, making it an effortless way to blend your baseboard with the backscene. Kits 1, 2 & 3 also include a section of pavement, asphalt roadway and manholes / drains to enable them to be used as standalone dioramas in their own right for displaying 1:76 diecast vehicles etc

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