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7ft Red Brick Wall O / 7mm / 1:43

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A versatile Weathered Red Brick wall in O scale / 7mm / 1:43. Typical of those seen all around the UK. Featuring high resolution photo-realistic weathered red brick texture. This easy to assemble kit is ideal for use as a perimeter wall around a factory, houses, church, or as a lineside wall along the edge of a stretch of track. The kit is designed to use recycled card, such as that from the back of old notepads or cereal packets to form all the base layers, keeping construction costs to a minimum. High resolution, pre-weathered texture wraps are then used on each component for the final finish with no cut card edges visible.

The kit can be assembled as a single sided wall which is ideal for blending backscenes at the rear of your layout.

The kit comes in a weathered red brick & flint finish and includes the following features:

  • Fully weathered finish for ultimate realism
  • High resolution photo-realistic textures
  • Brick pillars to disguise joins between wall sections & corners
  • Can be assembled single sided or double sided
  • Build up to 216cm of wall (single sided) or 108cm (double sided) from a single print.
  • Each wall length is 272mm long x 52mm high (which is just over 7ft tall in O scale). Wall width can be varied by choosing thicker or thinner card for assembly.

Step-by-step instructions are included giving great results for modellers of all ages and abilities. Fully compatible with all model railway brands & buildings. Download it instantly now.

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