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old transformer

hi my old triang transformer powering my 12vdc signals has given up im thing of buying  guagemaster gmc wm4 power unit will it power 10 traintronics signals level crossing lights i would be pleased to here from u folks

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  1. werk2do

    Hi Geoff, I’m not an expert but I think you should be OK. I imagine not all of the switches will be “on” at the same time so not drawing all of the power all of the time. Might just be worth checking with Gaugemaster to get a more authoritative answer before buying the item. Best of luck.

  2. Holls

    An old desk top PC power supply unit makes an excellent multi-voltage power source. I posted a link a few years ago entitled “ACCESSORY POWER SUPPLIES”, but a t’interweb search will also reveal similar projects. Only a little electrical knowledge is required to give you a reliable and multi-voltage layout power supply.

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