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New Layout Build – Adding details and expanding the scrap yard

Next up we join Richard over Everard Junction. In this video, Richard expands the scrap yard scene to enlarge the scrap yard & add a further urban gritty look to his layout. It really is shaping up very nicely now. Some of the items from our range in the video that Richard has used is as follows:

AX067-OO Red Oxide H Beam 3 5mm x 3 5mm Pack of 5 OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX107-OO Canal Piling 600mm OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX182-OO Mesh Sided Stillages Pack of 8 OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX187-OO Solid Sided Stillages Pack of 8 OO/4mm/1 76 (

AX074-OO 3D Printed Yellow Large Skips Pack of 2 OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX110-OO Rubbish Skips Pack of 5 OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX144-OO Laser Cut Tyres Medium Type Pack of 16 OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX144-N Laser Cut Tyres Medium Type Pack of 24 N/2mm/1 148 (

LX034-OO Laser Cut Workshop Shelving OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX034-N Laser Cut Workshop Shelving N/2mm/1 148 (

LX039-OO Laser Cut Industrial Extractor Fans Pack of 27 OO/4mm/1 76 (

AX012-OO Litter OO/4mm/1 76 (

If Richard has inspired you to create a scrap yard of your own for your layouts, please do send in your photos, we’d love to see what you’ve been up to create your scrap yard scenes. Anyway back to the video, it’s well worth a watch!

Here’s the video…



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