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Model Railway Scenery News – 24th January 2018

Model Railway Scenery News – 24th January 2018

Whistle-Stop Wednesday

Good Evening <<First Name>>,

How’s things? Oh my goodness that was a gruelling day! I started off at 5:30am really “in the zone” to get loads of stuff done, and I was doing brilliantly until I came to upgrade one of the software packages we use to drive the laser and it all went a bit pear-shaped. I couldn’t purchase the upgrade as their websites checkout was down, and I couldn’t run the software either until I’d upgraded! So I seem to have spent a long time on the phone and emailing back and forth trying to get it sorted instead of actually getting on with the things I should have. So I’m now enjoying a glass of wine (non-alcoholic as I don’t drink) while writing this, and it’s rather nice πŸ™‚

I did manage to finish off a new item which I’ll show you shortly… I think you’re going to like it! And I’ve sorted out two new sizes of baseboard which should be ready by the weekend. We’ve got a double width Cakebox type one… for those that like bigger cakes πŸ™‚ and a Double ended version of the BB001 baseboard too. So I’ll try and get those live on the site for the weekend.

We’ve also been working on our plans for the next 12 weeks, as well as sorting a bit more wedding stuff out too. Tina’s getting all excited now (and nervous) as it’s dress fitting this weekend.

So… as time is now getting on, and Tina’s having a soak in the bath, I’d better get a wriggle on with tonight’s update. Our header pic tonight comes fromΒ Roger and shows a lovely vignette of Lancefield Station. I hope you like it.

Watermills Yard – Massive Update
Our first video tonight comes from Ben who’s got a huge update on recent progress at Watermills Yard. I love his layout, and it’s an excellent example of what can be done even in the smallest of spaces.Β Click here to watch the video and find out what he’s been up to.
Train Detection With Gormo
Next up tonight, Gormo’s back in his workshop working on a new train detection system. He’s trying to keep things nice and simple so it’s easy to wire up, without any complex electrical gadgetry being needed.Β Find out how he’s getting on here.
Members Corner – Ballasting Track – Members Masterclass
Iain’s been hard at work this week tackling some new topics for How To Masterclasses. The first one looks at simple techniques for ballasting track. These are tried and tested ballasting techniques that have been employed by railway modellers since the dawn of railway time, but as with a lot of things, the simple ways are often the best in some respects. You don’t need any fancy tools (although they can make things a little quicker and easier), and other than ballast, you probably have most of what you need in your shed!

Click here to read Iain’s masterclass in the Railway Modellers Club members area.

If you’re looking for ballast for your own layout, we can highly recommend theΒ Legacy Ballast range from DCC Concepts. We’ll be using it on our own Whitwick Grove layout very shortly.

NEW – AX062-OO Temporary Traffic Lights – Pack of 2 – OO/1:76
And now it’s time to reveal this week’s successful experiment. They’re a challenge for us to print now we’ve managed it, they’re easy for you guys to assemble… The AX062-OO Temporary Traffic Lights are perfect for detailing roadworks scenes on your OO gauge model railway layouts and 1:76 scale diecast dioramas. They come in packs of 2 and take no more than a couple of minutes each to assemble (at the most!).

They’re 3D printed in black & grey Eco Friendly PLA and are supplied unpainted. The light heads can be painted using simple artists acrylics. We tried using decals and stickers for the lights, but they were just way to fiddly to cut out & peel. Paint takes seconds to apply.

They work perfectly with our LX074-OO Temporary Road Signs pack too.

For more details and to order your AX062-OO Temporary Traffic Lights, please click here.

Still To Come…

Tomorrow I’ll be spending a bit of time working on three projects, with the Catenary Head Spans getting top priority, followed by platform markings and another top secret project! I’ve also got to get tidied up again too before the Gaugemaster sales rep comes on Friday to show us their latest products.

Right… Time to sign off for the night and watch a bit of TV before heading to bed with my book… Finished my first book of the year already… on to the second tonight.

Keep on Shunting!

Justin, Tina & Elizabeth

P.S. We had a huge delivery arrive at 6pm this evening, which Tina & I haven’t even started unpacking… but all this lot was on it…


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