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Making a stunning realistic river weir scene for my N gauge model railway layout

For the fourth video this weekend, we join Chandwell for a look at how Michael set about creating a river weir scene in N gauge for his layout Chandwell. In the video, you’ll see how to create the weir, drainpipe outlet, riverbed, river & water ripple effects. Michael is really making a super job on this section of his layout & hopefully will inspire you to have a go at creating a river & weir scene on your own layouts.

If you are looking to create a scene that features a drain or culvert, check out our Culvert Kit which can be found here:

LX086-OO Culverts (Pack of 6) OO/4mm/1:76

Some suitable railings (in various scales) from our range we’ve picked out here for your riverside walkway scenes:

LX370-OO Chain Safety Railings (Pack of 4) – OO/4mm/1:76

LX285-OO Quayside / Harbour / Promenade Railings – OO/4mm/1:76

LX285-N Quayside / Harbour / Promenade Railings – N/2mm/1:148

LX097-N Laser Cut Tube Clamp Style Safety Railings N/2mm/1:148

LX097-O Laser Cut Tube Clamp Style Safety Railings O/7mm/1:43

LX097-OO Laser Cut Tube Clamp Style Safety Railings OO/4mm/1:76


Here’s the video…



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