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Shipping Crates and Cable Drums

For our bonus video this weekend, we come in house to join SMS team member Dylan, for a look at building our LX112, LX113 Shipping Crates and LX082 and LX231 Cable Drums kits. Along the way, we’ll also show you how to use them to detail your Wagons and Station Platforms/Yards.

The kits featured can be found here:

The LX112 Shipping Crates

LX112-OO 3ft x 3ft Wooden Shipping Crate Pack of 6 OO/4mm/1 76 (

The LX113 Shipping Crates

LX113-OO 6ft x 3ft Wooden Shipping Crate Pack of 4 OO/4mm/1 76 (

LX082-OO Small Cable Drums

LX082-OO Small Cable Drums Pack of 18 – OO/4mm/1 76 (


LX231-OO Large Cable Drums Wagon / Lorry Load – OO/4mm/1 76 (


CX005 Ultra Fine Black Chain (40 links per inch) For OO/O/N

Fine Steel Chain (3mm x 2mm links) For OO/O Scale


Here’s the video…






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