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Let it Snow – Winter diorama

For our bonus video this weekend, we join master modeller Kathy Millatt for a look a creating a winter snow scene diorama. Quite apt as we speak as team members, Iain & Dylan’s area is being hit with quite a large dump of snow!! See how Kathy makes a fantastic snow scene diorama. 

Here’s the video…



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  1. Jaygee

    I quite fancied doing a winter scene diorama so was thrilled to see this on the menu. Elation very quickly turned to dismay. I suppose if j had about £200 spare I could simply order the Noch ready made stuff-but I haven’t. Nothing to inspire me here so I’m not going to be waiting for any more by ‘how to’ offerings as they should simply be a Noch shopping list. Disappointed ☹️☹️

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