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How To Paint & Weather Roof Tiles / Slates On Your Model Buildings

Now it’s time for a how-to video of our own… at last! In this video, Sam demonstrates a quick and easy technique for painting and weathering roof tiles / slates on your model railway buildings. In this tutorial he uses the new KX057-OO Barn / Store kit as his example, but of course, the same techniques will work on your own scratch-built projects that use our LX228-OO Roof Slates or similar. It’ll even work on the big LX230-OO Engine Shed too.

Materials Required:

  • Black Spray Paint (Matt or Gloss)
  • Grey Spray Paint (Car Primer)
  • White Acrylic or Enamel
  • Cream Acrylic or Enamel Modelling Glue (Deluxe Materials Rocket Card Glue, PVA etc)
  • Suitable Green Flock / Scatter to simulate moss etc.
  • Medium Paint Brush
  • Low-Tack Masking Tape



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