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Hornby ZCV Tope Spoil Wagon

Hornby ZCV Tope Spoil WagonScore 98%Score 98%

Hornby ZCV Tope Spoil Wagon

Hornby released this model of the ZCV Tope Spoil Wagon wagon in 2008 & is one of Hornby’s series of super detailed engineers wagons. The Tope wagon was converted from 21ton coal hopper wagons by RFS Doncaster & Powell Duffryn between 1989 to 1991. The two companies converted around 7000 of these wagons. Used by rail engineers to move spoil and like, from railway work sites. 

This fine-looking model features fine detail parts & under chassis details, metal buffers & fine-scale wheelsets, Nem Coupling boxes. The NEM coupling box is fitted on a wire spring which allows the coupling to move left & right for going round curves, but will self-center once back on straight track sections. Other details include wire handrails, finely printed details & removable small type tension lock couplings. The model is offered in single packs & weathered triple packs. This wagon is highly recommended for any modern image modellers engineers departmental model fleet.




Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheelsets
  • Finely detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Metal buffers
  • Small tension lock couplings
  • NEM coupling boxes mounted on springs
  • Era 1980’s to late 1990s
  • Liveries: BR Dutch Engineers Dept

R6419 onwards

R6764 BR Departmental 

R6419 BR Departmental

R6420 BR Departmental (Triple weathered pack)

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Summary Modern image super detail wagon from Hornby. A fine-looking model & excellent runner. Highly recommend.

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