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Hornby SR Cattle Wagon

Hornby SR Cattle WagonScore 91%Score 91%

Hornby SR Cattle Wagon

From the red box company in Kent is another useful addition to steam era wagon fleets, this time it’s the Southern Railway cattle wagon. One of Hornby’s new super detailed releases which entered the market around 2016. Hornby are producing both the Maunsell & Bulleid design versions of this cattle wagon. The Southern Railway needed to replace their aging cattle wagon fleet around the late 1920’s & set about building a new cattle wagon fleet to replace the early cattle wagons. Hornby have captured the look of this interesting wagon very well indeed & a consist of these wagons would certainly look impressive on any steam era layout 

The model features fine scale wheels, NEM coupling sockets with small type NEM tension lock couplings, high level of detail with excellent fine printed details too. The model also features the brake hoses as well. The model is offered in BR & SR liveries. 




Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Small NEM tension lock couplings
  • NEM coupling box
  • Separate brake hoses 
  • BR & SR liveries
  • Era early 1930’s to 1960’s

R6735 onwards









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Summary Another superb super detail wagon from the Margate red box company. Excellent detail & running. Highly recommend.

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