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Hornby Railroad Open Steel Side Wagon – OO Scale

Hornby Railroad Open Steel Side Wagon – OO ScaleScore 40%Score 40%

Another of Hornby’s basic models now in the Railroad range. The large open steel sided mineral wagon is based on a pre-nationalised design & originally released by Hornby back in 1972. Pre 1980’s models are in a self-coloured finish, post-1980 the models have a painted finish. The wheels are metal though some versions have plastic wheelsets. The model has large style tension lock couplings. Liveries produced include plain colours, private owner, Mainline, EWS, Hornby Railways 1996 ltd ed.

Often found in starter sets & in some wagon packs, these wagons are ideal for anyone on a tight budget or just starting out in the hobby. Can be picked up cheaply at swapmeets.

Key Features:


  • Large tension lock couplers
  • Budget model
  • Basic detailed parts
  • Liveries: Fictitious, Private Owner, EWS, Mainline, Hornby 1996 ltd edition wagon.
  • Metal wheelsets (some versions have plastic wheelsets)
  • Era: 1960’s – onwards
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from R021 to R6136


  • R021 -Three versions
  • R136 – Ten versions
  • R211
  • R22 – Two versions
  • R6163
  • R1138
  • R310
  • R386
  • R102
  • R093
  • R220
  • R730 -Three versions
  • R6372
  • R1172
  • R6367 -Triple pack
  • R379
  • R100
  • R085
  • R088
  • R102
  • R1031 -Two versions (in trainset)

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Summary Old tooling by today's standards. Ideal budget & starter set wagon. Often found cheaply at swapmeets

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