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Hornby R3001 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 91110

Hornby R3001 Battle of Britain Memorial Flight 91110

On June 2nd 2012 East Coast Electric Bo-Bo Class 91 loco, 91 110 was named at the Railfest Event at the NRM York. The loco was given a very special livery to commemorate the WW2 Battle of Britain, & the B.o.B.M.F. (Battle of Britain Memorial Flight). This was named & unveiled in front of a large crowd in the yard of the National Railway Museum. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight flew overhead as the loco new livery was unveiled at the same time, making a very memorable & impressive event. The photo above shows 91 110 on the 2nd of June just after being named. And the photo below of the B.o.B.M.F. over York NRM’s Yard during the naming ceremony of 91 110.

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At the event was Hornby & Model Rail magazine, in which Model Rail magazine announced that Hornby was to produce a model of 91 110 in this livery in time for Christmas that year. However with Hornby having problems in China, it pushed the release of the model further & further back. The model finally was released in 2014. It was a limited edition run of around 1000 models, with each one supplied with a Ltd Ed Certificate & a pair of etched nameplates for fitting by the modeller. The Hornby catalogue number being R3001. A donation from the sale of each model went to charity (R.A.F. Benevolent Charity Fund). Below is the attractive outer box sleeve of Hornby R3001. This is the front of the box sleeve.

And this is the rear of the box sleeve.

In this image is the supplied model info / service sheet & number limited edition certificate.

And in this image the supplied brass etched name plates for fitting by the modeller. The model does come with printed on name plates for those who don’t fancy fitting the name plates.

It was hoped that Hornby would take this opportunity to do a full retooling upgrade on this model, as the tooling was knocking on around nearly 24 years (at time of release). Sadly this wasn’t to be, with Hornby making only a few changes. These being uprating of the 3 pole Ringfield motor to a 5 pole Ringfield motor, extra power pick ups, & the addition of a DCC 8 pin socket making the model DCC Ready.

The chunky sprung pantograph with roof mounted change over switch (for operating via powered overhead catenary ), large tension lock coupling, basic body details remain the same as the older class 91 models. Though Hornby fitted spoked on the motorised bogie, this may of been down to supply / factory problems at the time? In the two photo’s below you can see the two different type of wheel sets used, though as the real thing shouldn’t have spoked wheels!!

Spoked wheels on the motorised bogie

The correct non-spoked wheels on the un-powered bogie

Like previous Hornby class 91 models, no working lights are provided but a lighting kit is available from model loco lighting kit specialist Express Models. Both the cabs on this model have a basic interior, that are easy to get into if wanting to add a driver figure (Available to order via our shop here)

On the coupling side of things, the model is fitted with a large type tension lock coupler on the blunt cab end of the loco. This takes us on to the models haulage ability. In testing this model on the layout it struggles to pull a full rake of 9 coaches, but seems to cope okay with a 7 coach rake. I’ve seen some modellers fit a 2nd motorised bogie, or in one case retrofit a Bachmann warship chassis with can motor to give improved haulage power.

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The model features flush & semi-flush glazing, though extra details like windscreen wipers etc are fitted. Hornby though have done a very good job of the livery, but have missed off a couple of small printed details. On one side the loco has the Lancaster bomber….

And on the other side the Spitfire & Hurricane fighters.

The buffers unlike many other modern image models aren’t sprung, & the details on the bogies & chassis are on the basic side. But given the age of the tooling, to be expected of a model of it’s age. Though now many modern image modellers are now demanding a more up to date super detailed class 91, MK4 coaches & Mk4 DVT (Driving Van Trailer). Hopefully the likes of Hornby, Bachmann, Rapido Trains will answer this demand for an all new re-tooled model.

We now take a look at the rest of this model in the photo’s below.

Cab side details

Flush cab windscreen

Pantograph in lowered position

Pantograph in raised position

Roof mounted power change over switch (operate off catenary or track power)

The roof RAF style loco number

The B.o.B.M.F. Coat of arms logo

Printed name plate

Front Nose livery

Blunt cab end

Body side vent grille details

Large tension lock coupling & unsprung buffers

Front end (No coupling provided for this end)

Bogie & blunt cab side details

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  1. Ashvale

    Just sold mine this week – and I didnt rip off the buyer either. £300 for a full rake including DVT with directional lights and 91110. Bought because I am a volunteer with the Air Cadets and therefore it “appealed” to me but the old layout was goign to have catenary – the new one isn’t so decided to let someone else enjoy it instead of just sitting in a box. Lovely model only let down by the poor motor and the lack of lighting – Hornby needs to up their game with the 91 considering Bachmanns new 90 – and the fact they already do the Mk3 DVT with lights!

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