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Hornby PGA Hopper Wagon

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Hornby PGA Hopper Wagon

Hornby released this model of the PGA aggregate hopper wagon in 1988. A popular model which has been in Hornby’s range for many years now.  The PGA wagon was built for bulk stone/aggregate loads, used on the movement of stone traffic from the likes of Derbyshire & other parts of the UK. The model has been produced in various attractive liveries which include:

  • ECC Quarries
  • Redland
  • RMC
  • Tarmac
  • Tarmac Quarry Products
  • Tilbury
  • Yeoman Procor
  • VGT
  • ARC Roadstone
  • Yeoman
  • CAIB
  • ARC AMEY Road Stone
  • BIS

The model has fine printed details with a reasonable level of detail, though by today’s high standards demanded by many modellers is looking dated. Other features include plastic ladders & end gantries at each end. Some PGA wagon models have plastic wheelsets instead of metal wheelsets. The couplings are of the large tension lock type.In 2004, Hornby acquired Lima who also produced a PGA hopper wagon. In 2011 Hornby commenced using the Lima tooling instead of their own original tooling

Key Features:

  • Standard wheelsets
  • Basic detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Some versions have plastic wheelsets
  • Standard tension lock couplings
  • Era 1988 onwards
  • Liveries: ECC, ARC, BIS, CAIB, ECC Quarries, Redland, RMC, Tarmac, Tarmac QP, Tilbury, Yeoman, Yeoman Procor, VGT, ARC Road Stone

R004 onwards

Hornby Original Tooling

R6618 ARC Amey Road Stone (Weathered)

R004 BIS

R6448 CAIB (Weathered with Graffiti)

R 6332 ECC Quarries (Triple Pack)

R 6332A ECC Quarries (Triple Pack)

R026 Redland

R6254 Redland (Triple Pack Weathered)

R3154 RMC (Triple Pack Weathered)

R3154A RMC (Triple Pack Weathered)

R013 Tarmac

R002 Tarmac Quarry Products

R0217 Tarmac Quarry Products

R0217A Tarmac Quarry Products

R0280 Tarmac Quarry Products (Triple Weathered Pack)

R019 Tilbury

R015 Yeoman

R6386 Yeoman Procor


Ex-Lima Hornby/Lima tooled Version

R6760 VGT

R6781 ARC Road Stone

R6487 Yeoman 

R6534 Yeoman

R6486 Yeoman (Triple Pack Weathered)

R6511 Yeoman (Triple Pack)



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Summary Modern image wagon from Hornby of the popular PGA hopper wagon. Wide range of liveries & later versions feature the ex-Lima tooling.

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