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Hornby ‘Lowmac’ LNER/BR – OO Scale

Hornby ‘Lowmac’ LNER/BR – OO ScaleScore 55%Score 55%

An ex-Airfix model now produced by Hornby. The Lowmac wagon designed to carry a vehicle or machinery load. The wagon was BR design influenced by the LNER machinery carrying wagon. Covering from the 1940’s period onwards. Hornby have included this model in a number of their Trainsets / packs. Most releases come with removable load either packing crate or vehicle.


Key Features:

  • Standard tension lock couplers
  • Basic detailing
  • Ex-Airfix/Mainline model
  • Liveries: BR Grey / BR Brown / Red / Grey-Green
  • Era: 1940’s – onwards
  • Most versions have removable load
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. Range from R075 to R6399

  • R6075
  • R1173
  • R1054
  • R1037
  • R6240
  • R6240A
  • R6240W
  • R6130
  • R6130A
  • R6130B
  • R6130W
  • R1127
  • R1054
  • R1036
  • R1130K
  • R1109
  • R10232??
  • R1061
  • R6293
  • R6293A
  • R6293B
  • R3186
  • R6399
  • R1147

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Summary The model is old tooling now but can be picked up cheaply at Toy Fairs / Swap Meets, Ebay, etc. A little on the light side so worthy of adding some weight to the model to prevent it from derailing.

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