Hornby LNER Mk3 Review

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Released as a new tool in 2019, this model of the Mk3 has provided a nice facelift to a classic model. The Mk3 was announced last years along side GWR, Scotrail and Cross-country versions, featuring correct detail variations such as slam door or sliding door.

Today, I shall be reviewing R4930 TSD, R4929 FO and R4932 TRFB.


The biggest and most noticeable change between these Mk3s and the older tooling is the warmly welcomed and much needed addition of a NEM couplings. Hornby has gone one step further and introduced the older Lima style couplings, which in my opinion look a lot nicer than the enormous D Tension lock couplings found on older models.

The Bogies are nicely detailed featuring ample amounts of moulded detailing such as suspension springs and pipework. Under-frame detailing is also nicely represented. The details on the roof are nice, with the correct detailing on the roof of the TRFB (unlike the 2018 Swallow release).

Hornby’s Mk3s also features correct detailing differences between the variants of Mk3. For example, the correct window is blanked out on the TSD, and there are correct provisions for guard and bikes on the TGS. However, it is not all singing and dancing with this new tooling, and there are some disappointing aspects to this model. Hornby have labelled every coach as a ‘Quiet Coach’, when in reality it should just be coach B. This is quite disappointing, as it shouldn’t be that hard for Hornby to remove the text from the Coach Information Panel next to each door. The interiors of the coaches are again nicely modelled, with plenty of room on the inside for figures and lights to be installed. But, I have noticed that Hornby have used the same interior for the TSO’s as the TFO’s, but painted the seats red instead of a black colour. As anyone who’s travelled with LNER in standard class will know, the seats are crammed in and tables are a rarity!

But alas, nothing is perfect, and these coaches have already improved a lot!

Arriving in the standard Hornby ‘block of ice’ packaging that we are all used too, they are well packaged and are nicely presented. In the box you’ll find a set of Tension Lock NEM Couplings to marry up to the HST or Loco of your choice, and 4 buffers which can be added if you so desired.

With 11 LNER Mk3s released last year and 7 more announced in Hornby’s 2020 range, these models are readily available with the option of purchasing different running numbers to make up different rakes.

LNER Mk3s already in the market;

R9433, R9431,A,B and C, R4930, R4932, R4929,A. 

2020 release Mk3s;

R4933A, R4931G,D and E, R4929B, R4930A and R4932A. 

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Summary To summarise, The Hornby Mk3 in LNER Livery will make a nice addition to anyone's layout, with the 2019 release showing signs of improvement over the older release. With an RRP of £34.99 and most model shops selling them for £31.49, they are quite good value for money. It's just a shame that there are some detailing faults that bring the overall score of this model down, but hopefully they are rectified for future releases.

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