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Hornby KFA Container Flat Wagon

Hornby KFA Container Flat WagonScore 96%Score 96%

Hornby KFA Container Wagon

A super detailed model of a KFA container wagon by Hornby. Hornby introduced this all new model to their range back around 2011 & features the single unit spine wagon with all metal body, fine detailed parts, fine scale profile wheels. The model also has NEM coupling pockets with removable small type tension lock couplings. Available with a variety of nicely produced containers, the containers come in various liveries & in two lengths these being 20ft & 40ft. Some also come with a 20ft Tank container. The wagons in real life can be found on Freightliner intermodal services, MOD traffic, Gypsum traffic & also mixed freight traffic as well.

Key Features:

  • Fine detailed parts
  • Fine-scale wheels
  • NEM small type tension lock couplings
  • Freightlliner & other modern liveries
  • Fine printed details
  • Fine scale detailed parts 1980’s onwards
  • Era 1980’s onwards
  • Fetaure various containers


R648XX – R65XX









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Summary A superb detailed container wagon with excellent running. Tank container is a nice touch.

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