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Hornby HEA/HSA 45t Hopper Wagon

Hornby HEA/HSA 45t Hopper WagonScore 89%Score 89%

Hornby HEA/HSA 45t Hopper Wagon

This model was originally produced by Dapol which was based on the 1976 Mainline model of the HBA hopper wagon. Dapol acquired the tooling from Mainline along with stock & other tooling. In 1986 Dapol sold the tooling on to Hornby who have produced various variations & liveries of the HEA wagon, which enables the modeller to create authentic consists.

The model whilst not quite up to the standard of today’s super detail models such as the version produced by Bachmann is still a worthy one to add to your wagon fleets. The model has fine-scale profile wheels, a nicely detailed body & chassis detail. NEM sockets with removable small style tension lock couplings. Fine printed details & livery application. Some factory weathered versions & triple packs are also available. Liveries offered are EWS, Loadhaul, Mainline, Hornby annual limited edition model, Virgin Trains limited edition model.





Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheelsets
  • Well detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • End ladders
  • Small tension lock couplings
  • NEM coupling boxes
  • Weathered versions
  • Triple packs
  • Era 1975 onwards
  • Liveries: EWS, Loadhaul, Mainline, Limited edition Hornby livery & limited edition Virgin Trains livery

R6049 onwards

R6050 EWS

R6084 EWS

R6049 Loadhaul

R6083 LoadHaul weathered

R6083A LoadHaul Weathered

R6152 LoadHaul (Triple Pack Weathered)

R6152A LoadHaul (Triple Pack Weathered)

R6152B LoadHaul (Triple Pack Weathered)

R6384 Mainline weathered

R6295 Limited Edition Virgin Trains Livery

R6880 Limited Edition Annual Hornby Wagon Livery


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Summary Modern image wagon. Whilst not up to today's high super detailed standards, still a worthy addition to your modern image wagon fleet.

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