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Hornby HAA Coal Hopper Older Tooling/Railroad Version

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Hornby/Railroad HAA/HFA/HBA Coal Hopper Original tooled Version – 1980 Onwards

Hornby back in 1980, their original tooled model of the HAA coal hopper wagon. The HAA coal hopper wagon was constructed over a period of twenty years with the bulk of them being built at BR’s Shildon wagon works. Introduced by BR in around 1964 to modernise the movement of bulk coal traffic. The wagons were designed for rapid loading & unloading at slow speed, which allowed a rapid turnaround of the train for the loading & delivery of coal. A number of HAA wagons later on in their careers had the addition of hoods fitted to the top of the hopper body. This was to prevent the loss of coal dust whilst the wagons were in transit. The hooded wagons originally coded HBA but later changed to HFA around 2007.

The model has a plastic chassis, metal weight block mounted within the chassis, standard wheelsets mounted on swinging axles to allow wagons to run through 1st radius curves. Standard non-removable tension lock couplings The hopper has basic moulded details with some errors though these can be improved by the modeller.  The wagon is available in single packs & triple wagon packs. Some versions with the top hood cover have also been produced.

Now available in Hornby’s Railroad range, the model is ideal for those on a budget, young children, those wanting to create large rakes of HAA’s on a budget.

Key Features:

  •  Standard wheelsets mounted on swinging axles
  • Basic detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Weathered versions
  • Hooded top variant
  • Standard tension lock couplings
  • Era 1964 to mid 2000’s
  • Liveries: BR Rail Freight, EWS, EW&S

R238 onwards

HAA/HFA/HBA Hornby Original Tooling – Railroad Version

R238 BR Silver Brown

R249 BR Railfreight

R039 BR Railfreight Silver Yellow Coal Sector

R033 BR Railfreight Silver Yellow Coal Sector

R6041 EW&S Maroon

R6041A EW&S Maroon

R6150 EW&S weathered triple pack

R6150A EW&S weathered triple pack

R6606 EW&S triple pack

Some releases not listed, found within some of Hornby’s train sets




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Summary Modern image wagon from Hornby. The older original tooled version of the HAA/HFA/HBA coal hopper wagon. Now in the Railroad Range & some sets. The wagon has some errors but does the job. Ideal for modellers on a tight budget.

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