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Hornby CDA China Clay Hopper Super Detailed Version – 2003 Onwards

Hornby CDA China Clay Hopper Super Detailed Version – 2003 OnwardsScore 92%Score 92%

Hornby CDA China Clay Hopper Super Detailed Version – 2003 Onwards

Hornby back in 2002/3, retooled their model of the CDA China Clay Hopper wagon. The CDA china clay hopper wagon was constructed between 1987 & 1989 to replace the aging china clay hood wagons. Like the HAA’s these wagons were designed to allow for quick loading & unloading. To protect the china clay material whilst in transit, the CDA wagon features a roll-top protective cover. 

The model has a metal chassis, with sprung metal buffers, fine-scale profile wheelsets, NEM coupling pockets, separate detailed fitted parts, removable small tension lock couplings The hopper has finely moulded details. Non-working roll-top hood cover. Hornby produces this wagon in both pristine & weathered versions, including some with graffiti on the sides. The wagon is available in single packs & triple wagon packs. The model press reported some detailed errors when first released. 

Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Finely detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Weathered versions
  • Non-working roll-top cover.
  • NEM Socket with removable small tension lock couplings
  • Era 1987 onwards
  • Liveries: BR, ECC, EWS

R6708 onwards

ECC livery Version


R6648 Weathered


R6223A Triple pack weathered

R6223A Triple pack weathered

R6649 Triple pack weathered



Railway company liveries

R6708 BR Railfreight

R6334 EWS

R6387 EWS Weathered

R6385 EWS triple pack weathered






R6157 BR Silver Red

R6157A BR Silver Red




R6333A BR Silver Brown HFA

R6333B BR Silver Brown HFA

R6333C BR Silver Brown HFA

R6215 EWS Silver Maroon HBA

R6215A EWS Silver Maroon HBA

R6215B EWS Silver Maroon HBA

R6224 Triple pack EWS Silver Maroon HBA with weathering




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Summary Modern image wagon from Hornby. Super detailed retooled model of the CDA hopper wagon. Excellent runner available in single & triple packs. Some factory weathered versions also available.

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