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Hornby CDA China Clay Hopper Original/Railroad Version – 1988 Onwards

Hornby CDA China Clay Hopper Original/Railroad Version – 1988 OnwardsScore 81%Score 81%

Hornby CDA China Clay Hopper Original Tooled Version – 1988 Onwards

Hornby released the original tooled version of the CDA China Clay Hopper wagon, back in 1988. The CDA china clay hopper wagon was constructed between 1987 & 1989 to replace the aging china clay hood wagons. Like the HAA’s these wagons were designed to allow for quick loading & unloading. To protect the china clay material whilst in transit, the CDA wagon features a roll-top protective cover.

The model has a plastic chassis with metal ballast weight mounted in the chassis. Standard wheelsets with some versions having plastic wheelsets. Standard tension lock couplings.  The hopper has basic moulded details. Non-working roll-top hood cover. The axles are mounted on swing-type mountings to allow 1st radius curves to be negotiated.

Ideal for anyone on a budget or for those who like modelling to improve detailing.

Key Features:

  • Standard wheelsets
  • Basic detailed parts
  • Fine printed details
  • Non-working roll-top cover.
  • Standard tension lock couplings
  • Era 1987 onwards
  • Liveries: ECC

R052 onwards

ECC livery Version






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Summary Modern image wagon from Hornby. Older tooling model of the CDA hopper wagon. Detail errors.

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