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Hattons ZZA ‘Beilhack’ Snowploughs – OO Scale

Hattons ZZA ‘Beilhack’ Snowploughs – OO ScaleScore 97%Score 97%

A new player in the ready to run market is Hatton’s with their own exclusive range of models, one featured in this article is the newly released ZZA Beilhack Snowploughs. With 12 versions on offer covering from the 1980’s to the current day. A wealth of separate detailed parts, sprung buffers, fine scale wheels, NEM socket couplers. BR used redundant class 40 & 45 locomotive bogies. A new plough blade which was made by Beilhack, was fitted to the ‘inner’ end of the bogie. Toolboxes were also fitted above the axles, & the pony wheels were removed. After the conversion work was carried out, the ploughs were ready for use on the railway network.

Still, in use to this day, these ploughs are a must-have item for a modern image layout. The livery versions offered include BR yellow, right through to today’s black Network Rail. One that really stands out is the Stratford Shark model, just like the real one, it had a shark mouth & eyes painted on the front of the plough.

The ploughs are usually run as top & tail with two locomotives between the ploughs as can be seen in this video:

Key Features:


  • 12 versions on offer
  • Super detailing
  • Fine scale wheels
  • Liveries: BR / Railtrack / Network Rail
  • Era: 1980’s to current day
  • NEM Sockets with small type tension lock couplers
  • Sprung buffers
  • Hattons Exclusive Model
  • OO / 1:76 scale

Manufacturers Part Nos. H4-HB-001 to H4-HB-012

  • H4-HB-001
  • H4-HB-002
  • H4-HB-003
  • H4-HB-004
  • H4-HB-005
  • H4-HB-006
  • H4-HB-007
  • H4-HB-008
  • H4-HB-009
  • H4-HB-010
  • H4-HB-011
  • H4-HB-012
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Have one of these in your collection?

Let us know what you think, or share your photos via the comments below.

Thanks to Mr P. Simpson for photos.

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Summary A superb highly detailed model covering a wide time period. Highly detailed with a wealth of separate detailed parts, sprung buffers etc. Superb runner. A must-have model for modern image layouts.

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