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From this….. To this…… Code 3 on a budget.

From this….. To this…… Code 3 on a budget.

TN Poly MAC 479

These are a few of my code 3 projects. All are made from RTR models and use just a repaint, plasicard and of course prototype photos.

They are simple to do and have enabled me to create some very specific models that are just right for my layout. Yes, you may need to cut the metal, glue the model and do a lot of research but as a cost it is minimal and the results of RTR would be a lot more and what chance you get just the right model? Have a try….. Surprise yourself and enjoy…… 

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I started my interest in model railways and then the real thing when I was 10. It was Christmas 1975! Yes I'm still alive! My parents bought me a GWR pannier tank frieght set, with smoke! I was hooked. Then I discovered girls, beer, motorcycles and that was that from 17 until I got married in 1988. My wonderful wife was encouraging and we had the attic converted. Career, money and children interrupted things and despite a brave attempt about 13 years ago I only really returned about 5 years ago. Having been forced into early retirement with severe health problems, the railway became my saviour. It challenges, engages, entertains and most important for me takes you to a different world and time. I have met some truly wonderful friends through this hobby. I am working on my "layout of a lifetime" it's called Snow Hill and is in its own upstairs room, 24ft X 14ft, built on two levels with a centre board cutting right along the length. Its DCC, mainly with sound and set in 1976-79 Midlands. So far including the fiddle yards (piddle yard as Steve calls it, due to being in the ensuite) I have laid a true half a kilometre of track! I will populate the site with some articles and galleries and things move on.


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