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Fitting Kadee Couplings to uk wagons

In this video, we join keepcalm make stuff, for a look at fitting Kadee couplings to British Wagons. In the video we see the older Hornby, Mainline & Bachmann wagons converted over to Kadee couplings. 

Here’s the video…


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  1. Neville_Parry

    Iain, I have done the same conversions, but approached some items differently.
    Early Bachmann/Mainline/Airfix – I just cut everything off flush with the bottom of the buffer beam and used the o=old standby KD#5. I suppose I could have used the compatible (interoperable) KDs but didn’t bother. however, instead of screwing the coupling to the floor, I used liquid styrene cement, as I found that screwing the KD5s gave an overscale clearance between vehicles
    Early Bachmann NEM vehicles (wrong height) – I butted the KD5 box against the molded coupling mount – this gave ideal coupling position.
    Latest Bachmann wagons – KD-NEM couplings work fine, but to adjust spacing, I use a KD17 at one end and a KD18 at the other. I have to identify which end is which because two KD17s together will not go round curves, and two KD18s give too much clearance.
    I have had some challenges with Hornby wagons with underframe detail – the chassis is not molded out of styrene, so other adhesives are necessary.
    Fitting KDs to passenger coaches present a whole different set of problems which I will not go into here, but I find that I need to mount them to the bogies of ‘non-NEM’ vehicle. On NEM equipped vehicles I just play around with KD17 through 20s to get the closest coupling I can on my tightest curves.
    Neville Parry.

    • Iain

      Hi Neville, Great to hear about your experience with the Kadee’s. I have come across some of the manufacturers NEM box heights being at different heights which have caused some issues on my fleet.

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