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Finally Decided … I Think :)

Ok, so I have always been an N gauge person. We moved and I lost my space for a layout. So I thought diorama’s in N to keep doing what I like. Then I went down the avenue of OO in the garden however the garden doesn’t drain very well and I thought with our somewhat unpredictable climate how much use would I get.

So then I went back to N gauge dioramas. I am getting on a bit so it can be a struggle with the old mince pies and the wonderful scale model scenery site has a lot more of the details I want to include in OO, I hasten to add not out of their preference for OO but the majority of stuff doesn’t work in N.

I want to venture down the road of fine detail modelling and N doesn’t lend itself to that. I will still keep my N going but think OO is the way to go. Does any of this make sense to you all? 🙂 Any advice, hints, and pitfalls gratefully received 🙂


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Just starting with an N gauge layout in the shed :) Fully insulated and boarded out and power and lights etc

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