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Drivers Eye View On-board Ride – Mini Cam Test Video

Test video with footage from a cheepo keyfob camera (Camera is just a stop gap till i get hold of a better quality mini cam). Playing about with settings to see what works best with this mini cam. Though it’s microphone doesn’t cope very well with the twin bass speaker reflex fitted class 37, directly behind the the camera. El cheapo camera so can’t expect too much out of the sound recording, lol 😛

Onboard ride starts from the end of the return loop on the lower level. Once the class 350 clears the branchline incline, we head on up to the mainline & take two trips around the outside mainline track. We then swap over to another class 37 & take two trips around the inside mainline track, before heading down to the lower level.

To finish we cross the layouts forth bridge & around the return loop. Here we join the back of the queue of trains waiting on the return loop, for their turn to run up to the main upper level.

Thanks for watching.

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  1. ClaytonCanuk

    Overall interesting little video.

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