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Buy My Points & Help Us Upgrade Our Video Gear

On the back of the feedback we received from Wednesday Evening’s newsletter with the new video update, we’ve decided to go all in on creating lots of new & hopefully exciting video content this winter for you guys to enjoy. But to do that, we need to upgrade our video gear! I use my phone to shoot the videos, which is fine as it can do decent quality HD stuff, but what limits us at the moment is that it needs two of us to do each video, because Tina or Elizabeth are required to stand there and take the mickey out of me, and of course hold the camera, while we record it.

We’d like to do more live video sessions and also more “tour” type videos over the coming months but to do that we need a gadget with a gimball which helps me hold the camera still, while tracking the main subject of the video and allowing me to move around whilst the camera remains steady… Something like this on the right… It’s not really expensive, but it’s not something we have spare funds for at the moment… But then Tim, a fellow club members and modeller extraordinaire came up with the idea of crowdfunding the purchase by selling off my Express points!…

Help Us Crowd Fund Our Gear Upgrade & Bag A Ton Of Express Points!

What the heck are you on about man? Well… every time I (Justin) post a video or article etc on the club website, I earn Express Points, just like you! But that means I’m earning credits that I can spend in our own shop… Which kinda doesn’t make sense! Over the past 3 years I’ve amassed a crazy 301,254 which I’ll never ever use. 

What Tim suggested, is why don’t I sell off my points, which are just languishing in my account and give you guys the chance to bag them at a discount?… Cogs started whirring and I thought… that’s a blummin brilliant idea! Tim, you are a genius!

So how does it work then?

Easy… We’re basically trying to raise about £250 to enable us to purchase one of those gadgets above, plus an external mic for my phone so you can all hear me better. (You might prefer it if I bought a gag to shut me up maybe haha). To raise the funds I’m selling my points, which I’ll transfer to the purchasers next week.

You can buy as many of my points off me as you wish, which you can then spend in the club shop on downloads, or you can exchange them for Scale Model Scenery vouchers. Simply choose how many points you’d like, then hit the yellow button under the amount you’d like to buy and you’ll be taken to PayPal to complete your purchase. Then Iain or myself will then transfer the points to you as soon as we can next week. Once they’ve been transferred you can spend, save or exchange them as you wish 🙂

Buy My Points & Help Us Crowdfund A Video Gear Upgrade!

Simply choose the number of points you’d like to purchase from me and we’ll transfer them to your Railway Modellers Club account:

Platform Ticket: 1250 Express Points – £5*

Exchange for a £5 Scale Model Scenery voucher and have 250 points left to spend on downloads.

2nd Class: 2500 Express Points – £10*

Exchange for a £10 Scale Model Scenery voucher and have 500 points left to spend on downloads.

First Class: 5500 Express Points – £20*

Exchange for a £25 Scale Model Scenery voucher and have 500 points left to spend on downloads.

Absolute Legend: 12000 Express Points – £40*

Exchange for a £60 Scale Model Scenery voucher!


Thank you as always for your support! You guys are amazing!

*Points purchased will be transferred to your account with 5 working days.


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