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Bachmann GWR/BR 8ton Cattle Van

Bachmann GWR/BR 8ton Cattle VanScore 97%Score 97%

Bachmann GWR/BR 8t Cattle Van

Released by Bachmann in 2009, Bachmann’s model of the GWR/BR eight-ton cattle van was well received by the model press & modellers alike. This model has a high level of detail & has the now standard NEM coupling pockets, with removable small tension lock couplings. Fine scale profile wheel sets, detailed brake gear, brake pipes, bars running across the open top side recesses. Liveries are BR brown, BR brown with weathering, BR brown early livery, GWR dark grey, GWR dark grey with weathering. These vans primarily built for transporting cattle, found some being rebuilt into fruit vans & also vans for Ale traffic as well. BR inherited over 11,000 cattle vans, though traffic for the cattle vans was declining, BR continued to build them up to around 1954. As the traffic for cattle declined, the vans were put to other uses such as vegetable traffic amongst other duties. The vans had a wide time period in traffic from the 1930’s up to the early 70’s. 

Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Finely detailed parts
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Small NEM tension lock couplings
  • NEM coupling box
  • Era 1930’s to early 1970’s
  • Weathered versions available
  • Liveries: GWR grey, BR Brown, BR weathered brown

37-710 to 37-716






GWR Weathered triple pack (Hereford Model Centre)

37-711Z weathered

37-711Y weathered

BR Livery







37-712C weathered


Weathered triple packs

37-710C Modelzone

37-712Z TMC

37-715 Standard production release

37-716 Standard production release


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Summary A highly detailed cattle van model & highly recommended by the model press. An essential wagon for anyone modelling the steam era early diesel era.

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