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Bachmann BDA Bogie Bolster Wagon

Bachmann BDA Bogie Bolster WagonScore 93%Score 93%

Bachmann BDA Bogie Bolster Wagon

Released on to the market back in 2008 was welcomed by many modellers. This superb wagon features finely detailed bogies, deck & under chassis. The model also includes removable stanchions & slots to take ratch strapping, such as our Ratch Straps AX031-OO, AX032-OO, AX033-OO & AX034-OO. The model also has fine-scale profile wheelsets, removable NEM tension lock couplings & NEM coupling boxes. Bachmann in around 2010 has also released some versions with a load, such a girder, pipes, steel beams. 

Liveries include BR Loadhaul, BR Railfreight, BR Departmental (limited edition from Model Rail Magazine), EWS, BR maroon.

British Railways built a large number of these wagons between 1949 & 1962. This 52ft long wagon was also known as Bogie Bolster D. With a move by BR to air-braked trains, around the year 1964, 1250 of these wagons were rebuilt & from 1975 recoded as BDA’s under the BR Tops Code System. The BDA’s were used to move metal products such as steel rods, pipes etc. Though as steel traffic has dwindled, many BDA’s have been withdrawn.  Around 388 BDA wagons are still service with Network Rail in departmental use.





Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Diecast chassis
  • Metal parts
  • NEM coupling sockets
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Detailed separate fitted parts.
  • Era 1975 onwards
  • Some releases include wagon loads
  • Liveries: BR, EWS, Departmental, Railfreight

38-150 onwards

  • 38-150A
  • 38-150
  • 38-151B
  • 38-151
  • 38-151A
  • 38-150Z
  • 38-152
  • 38-152A
  • 38-158
  • 38-159

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Summary Good attention to detail. Another excellent addition to any modern image modellers wagon fleets. Some releases include wagon loads

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