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Bachmann BAA Bogie Steel Carrier Wagon

Bachmann BAA Bogie Steel Carrier WagonScore 94%Score 94%

Bachmann BAA Bogie Steel Carrier Wagon

Another essential modern image wagon by Bachmann. Released in 2011 by Bachmann, represent three of the four versions of the BAA/BZA wagon. The model comes with different ends on the wagon as well as steel coil loads, stanchions & cradles for carrying the steel coil loads. The model has plenty of fine details & separately factory fitted detailed parts. Other features include NEM coupling boxes & removable small style NEM tension lock couplings, fine-scale profile wheelsets. Liveries include EWS, BR Railfreight Metals, BR Railfreight.

The BAA/BZA were built for carrying semi-finished steel loads, being built in four separate batches with two at Shildon & the other two at Ashford, between 1972 & 1976. The wagons have a 40ft deck & have FBTB bogies.  The wagons have end & cradle variants. 





Key Features:

  • Fine-scale wheels
  • Diecast chassis
  • Metal parts
  • NEM coupling sockets
  • Fine printed decoration
  • Detailed separate fitted parts.
  • Era 1972 onwards
  • All releases include coil wagon loads and coil cradles 
  • Liveries: BR, EWS, Railfreight

38-350 onwards

  • 38-350
  • 38-350A
  • 38-351
  • 38-351A
  • 38-352
  • 38-352A

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Summary Another excellent addition to any modern image modellers wagon fleets. All releases include wagon loads

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