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A Look At The AX046-OO 3D Printed Road Cones

A Look At The AX046-OO 3D Printed Road Cones

AX046-OO 3D Printed Road Traffic Cones


In this article we’ll take a look the at the newly released 3D Traffic Road Cones  from 3D kit range items. Four traffic cone packs are on offer ranging from small traffic cones, large traffic cones, no parking traffic cones & a bumper pack including all the cone packs in one big pack.

The bumper  traffic cone pack contents

The bumper pack includes 30, high quality 3D printed road cones for OO / 1:76 scale. These come supplied unpainted and printed in red & yellow PLA material. A pack of ‘No parking’ sign / symbol transfers are also supplied for the yellow cones. You can use the cones straight out the packet or be painted thus giving you the option of different coloured cone bases, & with or with out the white reflective band.




Painting The Cones

Traffic cones that i’ve seen on my travels over the years appear to come with either with a red base or a black base. So i’m opting to give these cones a black base. Here i’m using black acrylic paint (Revell Aqua Colours Paint) & using a small flat brush to apply the paint to the base.

Here you see the cones after painting the black bases. Again on the yellow cones these i’ve seen with & without black bases. With the yellow cones for adding the no parking transfers, it’s worth adding a coat of yellow paint before hand as this will give the transfers a good surface to key on to.

Adding the white band

For painting the white band on the red cones i’m using acrylic white paint, again one from Revell Aqua Colours Range. What i’ve done here is to stick the cone with blu-tack on to a motorised revolving display turntable. So holding the brush steady against the cone as the cone rotates on the turntable, makes quick work of painting the white reflective band. Be sure to keep the brush fixed in one spot on the cone to prevent a wonky white band.

If get any bits you miss on the white band as you see here, can be carefully touched up with a small paint brush.

The large & small red cones painted up ready for installing on the layout.

 The No Parking Cones

Next we’ll look at adding the ‘No Parking’ symbols onto the yellow cones. As mentioned above it’s worth giving these yellow cones a coating of yellow paint to give a good key surface for the transfers to adhere to. First job is to carefully cut out the signs from the transfer sheet.

Each yellow cone uses 3 no parking symbols per cone.

Doing one transfer at a time place into warm / luke warm water for around 30 seconds as seen here. Next damp the surface on the cone & slide the transfer off the backing sheet on to the damp surface of the cone. Adjust as transfer as necessary & blot off any excess water with a cloth or kitchen paper towel. Repeat applying the transfers to the other two sides of the cone.

Once the transfers have dried apply a coat of matt varnish to help seal the transfers. I’ve used a aerosol spray matt varnish from my local model shop.

Once the matt varnish has dried it’s time to place on your layout / diorama.

To allow temporary positioning of the traffic cones on the layout i use Deluxe Materials Taxy Wax. This stuff will hold figures, & scenic items in place on most surfaces with out any damage. It allows figures & scenic items to be moved & repositioned.

Use a small flat blade screwdriver or similar to scoop out a small amount of Tacky Wax.

Apply a small amount of Tacky Wax to the under side of the cone.

Then carefully place on to your road scene.

Jobs a good un’.  In this scene the car, woman figure, road signs as well as the traffic cone are all held in place using Taxy wax.  For the cones & Tacky wax click on the two button tabs below.

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