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3dk building kits

Competition and variety are both good.  Now 3dk, a card building kit company from Canada have launched a YouTube Channel. Worth a look –

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Thriftwood Parva 3 (Planning)

The planning for the layout needs ‘a good thinking about’!  There are many different ways of doing it but I like to use software to do a virtual plan. In my view it has many advantages: You can set a minimum radius and the software tells you if any part of your track is below that minimum.  You can move track around until you are happy 😃 with the layout. If you really want to you can add scenery and see the whole thing in 3D.  But finally you can print the whole thing full-size. I use AnyRail £40...

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Make your own Static Grass Applicator

Based on a wide range of Videos on YouTube I made two Static Grass Applicator – one using a storage pot for larger areas and the other using a tea strainer for more detailed work. They both use the same module for the power. IONB2 Negative ION Generator Module: maybe purchased for AUD $14.00 from Oatley Electronics at:...

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Thriftwood Parva Part 2 (the very beginning)

In the beginning there were the club layouts – but no DCC layout in OO scale with a continuous track.  Sometimes affectionately termed a ’roundy roundy’. But this was going to be little different! We had relatively limited space 14′ x 8′.  To overcome this it was designed with a figure-of-eight track that was folded over.  This meant some elevated track to allow locomotives to make a double loop before returning to the fiddleyard. The incline was a relatively gentle 1:50. This just fitted the layout boards!   Stage one was making the baseboards and each section has its...

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