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A Practical Introduction to Digital Command Control for Railway Modellers – Nigel Burkin

A Practical Introduction to Digital Command Control for Railway Modellers gives the newcomer to DCC a book that provides the basic know how to get up and running without the need to do a PhD in computer programming and electronics. Nigel Burkin takes you through the fundamentals of DCC, how to wire up a layout and how to install decoders into locomotives and other rolling stock. For the more adventurous and those with a more detailed understanding, there are also chapters on adding sound and layout programming. This book will help prevent DCC being an alien concept and shows it is...

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Model Railway Layout Construction and Design Techniques – Nigel Burkin

The book takes the reader on a journey with Nigel Burkin as he builds his own layout projects.  Model Railway Layout Construction and Design Techniques chronicles the construction of his N scale ‘Montana Rail Link’ North American layout, his British prototype 4mm EM gauge ‘Folkestone East, layout and his American HO scheme, which are all housed together in a 18′ x18’ layout cabin at Nigel’s home in the Scottish Highlands. Model Railway Layout Construction and Design Techniques has certainly become a firm favourite already. It is very well written and because it is based on Nigel’s own journey from ideas, through...

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Fine Tuning and Maintaining 00 Gauge Models – Nigel Burkin

Do you get frustrated when things don’t run quite the way they should. Locomotives stall, wagons derail, and a great running session gets quickly ruined. The answer is clean wheels and track, rails that are well aligned, and keeping on top of basic maintenance. In fine tuning and maintaining 00 gauge models, Nigel Burkin shows you exactly what to do to overcome all these basic issues. Locomotive and layout maintenance is a very important part of railway modelling, and Nigel Burkin shares his extensive experience in a subject that is little understood by many modellers.Those new to the hobby or...

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Modelling Engine Sheds and Motive Power Depots

Modelling Engine Sheds and Motive Power Depots of the Steam Era by Terry Booker Depot scenes are becoming more and more popular modelling subjects. The Facebook group has provided us with a great variety of projects, and also given many of us the opportunity to ask questions about how best to model engine shed and depot scenes. This book gives you many of the answers. Many railway modellers include an engine shed somewhere on their layout. However, all too often the shed is squeezed into a quite improbable location and is little more than a place to ‘park’...

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