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ATTENTION! All V.I.P Club Members


As many of you’ll have seen in our newsletters, we’ve now just launched our brand new club website The all-new club website is replacing this now outgoing club website. Justin has given further instructions via the newsletter emails on how to sign up for the new club. Please note you will need to create a new account on the new club site, as your login for this outgoing club site can not be transferred over to the new club. Once signed up to the new club site, please make sure you click on the box ‘Are You An Existing V.I.P Club Member’. Select ‘Yes’ then we’ll then pick up on that & convert your V.I.P subscription in the old club to a First Class subscription for you.

The First Class membership on the new club website is replacing the V.I.P membership. With the new club site now live & up & running, the V.I.P points scheme is now frozen and points can no longer be earned on this site. The First Class Members rewards system over on the new club site now replaces the V.I.P points scheme.

On the new club site, the new rewards system Justin has given further details & information via the newsletter, but in brief, the perks now include:

  • Membership Pack with Membership Card, Stickers & More
  • Access to over 400 downloadable kits & texture papers.
  • Exclusive VIP Live Streams & Livestream (via mobile app)
  • Exclusive discounted pre-sale access to new Scale Model Scenery releases
  • Exclusive how-to guides & tutorials
  • Quarterly printed newsletter
  • A printed copy of the latest Scale Model Scenery catalogue
  • VIP Shipping upgrade on all Scale Model Scenery orders (UK Members only)

All V.I.P club member’s points as of now, are in the process of being converted & added to your Loyalty Points accounts over on the Scale Model Scenery website. If you see your points balance suddenly showing Zero, then your points will have been converted & added to your Scale Model Scenery Loyalty Points Accounts. Further details on the loyalty points scheme & how they work can be found over on the Scale Model Scenery Website. Please click on the link here:

Scale Model Scenery Loyalty Points

For those V.I.P members that don’t have a Loyalty Points Account over on the Scale Model Scenery website, your points we are in the process of converting into a voucher for you. The vouchers will then be emailed/sent out to you.

We thank you for all your support & memberships on this outgoing club site. We hope to see you all over on the new club site


Many thanks & best wishes

The Club admin team.

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