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Building a Model Railway – Helixes

We had a gentleman contact us this week asking how to go about making a helix. Helix’s are popular over the pond in the USA with railway/railroad modellers, used for getting trains up/down to a higher or lower level without the need to build really long inclines. The helix is a compact way of incorporating an incline into a model railway which has multiple levels. In this Next video, DJ Trains takes a look at a Helix & installs one into his layout. Certainly an impressive feature anyway here’s the video.

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Favourite Scale: OO / 1:76 Likes: Making small stuff on the laser cutter Dislikes: Counting rivets Other info: Starting to dabble with the world of 3D printing a bit to enhance the products we create on the laser. Layout: Whitwick Grove

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  1. nornironman

    Justin, the link to the helix clip does not work.

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