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Between 1969 and 1972, NASA successfully landed Men on the Moon and returned them to Earth. This amazing achievement of Engineering was done BEFORE Wheels (however inadequate) were ever put on Suitcases? And… just for general interest,NASA spent Millions
ourmick · 835 days ago

I happen to think that the Faller 120110 Modern Footbridge, that was recently shown on the Newsletter (and is available to Order) is aesthetically very nice indeed. But it’s only Modern in the sense that the Canopy is not of the usual type you might see at
ourmick · 847 days ago

Evening all, This is a quick blog based on a technique that came to me in a flash of inspiration yesterday while washing the pots! It's probably an amalgamation of all the various ideas you guys emailed in over the weekend after I previewed the chainlink
justin · 1021 days ago
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Club Discount codes have now been updated for Model Railway Scenery & Scale Model Scenery for 2017.
1409 days ago
Our special Lock-In Deals for club members have just launched! The first one is now live alive-oh... Click the title above to find out more.
1621 days ago
All vouchers for the Free Laser Cut Mini Kits have now been emailed.
1771 days ago
Morning all, Looks like there were some minor issues with 1st class members accessing the videos. I think it's now been resolved!
1774 days ago
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Scene of shop packs and viaduct arches
686 days ago
Modelu figure of a GWR guard walking his weary way home after a long day at work. After this picture figures has been repainted in places, especially strap to bag.
729 days ago
Hi All, The new club website is now live, and we're gradually migrating content from the old site to the new one. We've also changed the membership structure to simplify things, as members were get…
732 days ago
Hi All, The new club website is now live, and we're gradually migrating content from the old site to the new one. We've also changed the membership structure to simplify things, as members were get…
732 days ago
I am building a small diorama for the BRM Cakebox Challenge. Not a piece of track, train or any other lineside buildings to be seen. Just two railway related items only. Alot of scenery though and a c…
734 days ago
Quietly trundling over the viaduct on it's way to Little Muddle. Time to do a small amount of weathering as with the era of my layout mid 30's this train would only have been about a year old, so stil…
737 days ago
Sheffield "Lance Corporal (Light Blue) and Hull "Kipper Box on test run.
742 days ago
742 days ago
Rear buffer beam altered to make it look the frame had been extended by the addition of a bulk of timber. The first five of this class where made using a shorter frame left over from the prevoius clas…
751 days ago
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In need of a large selection of ‘modern image’ general public figures for the new 4mm scale model railway layout, I had the opportunity to develop a range of bespoke figures with a wargames model manufacturing specialist and friend Tony Chadburn. The figures are intended to represent very general pu…
931 days ago · From Wicky
The Little Layout Company are able to design and build any size layout that is specific to your needs and the space you have available. Whether you just want boards, track and wiring, a simple layout for you to add personal touches to, or a fully complete exhibition standard layout – all are possibl…
1088 days ago · From Wicky
Scrapyard locos and rolling stock. Unique static railway models, heavily rusted and weathered, individually painted by hand and finished in a protective coat of matt lacquer. Inspired by pictures and archive footage of Barry Scrapyard, south Wales.
1089 days ago · From Wicky
Online only shop, just starting out, selling accessories, scenics and the things that are hard to find, we also sell a lot of products from the smaller supplier. https://testvalleymodels.com
1359 days ago · From GrahamW
TOPP TRAINS OF STAFFORD    .28 MARSTON ROAD STAFFORD  STAFFS  ST16  3BS.. TEL 01785   247883  MOBILE 07977478629..............  topptrains@gmail.com............ Mike runs TOPPTRAINS IN STAFFORD RUNS A WELL STOCKED SHOP. also does servicing  and second hand sales. .... PAY THEM A VISIT  WELL WORTH YO…
1364 days ago · From debbie
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