Ivan sent in this tutorial on email yesterday...

When thinking about vehicles for The Abingdon Branch I wanted some of them to be different from the conventional “off the shelf” models.  Having research a lot of the possibilities I decided to have a go at modifying a couple of EFE 10 wheeled AEC lorries.

These are die-cast which can generally be split down into 3 separate parts depending on the model you have.  They are usually the cab, chassis and then the body, be it tanker, flat bed or other.

For the first project I obtained a flatbed unit.  After disassembling all the parts the first thing to be done was to remove that rear set of wheels and mud guards.  This was done with a hack saw and files and this did take some doing.  The chassis was also shortened at this stage.  Next the flat bed was shortened to match the new chassis size and a plasticard rear finishing added.

All the parts were then painted before reassembling.

For the second project I purchased another EFC AEC tanker lorry.  The tank has been discarded and is now in my “bit’s” box awaiting a project that it will “come in useful” for.  Once again the rear wheels and mud wings were removed, the end of the chassis shorted and then I took out part of the chassis behind the cab to make a short wheel base lorry.   The cab and chassis was then painted and reassembled.  The drop side was made from plasticard and parts from my “bit’s” box.

Loads were added to both vehicles and the final touches of weathering.

Here's a few pics of the finished models:

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  •  HarryJames: 
    great tutorial the kit bashed models look really good
     1295 days ago 
    1 point
  •  builderkim: 
    Ivan that's cool kit bashing. They look way better than a shelf model.At time's it call's for modifications to such model's. done a great job .
     1297 days ago 
    1 point
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