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Oh dear. I thought that I'd fill in the gaps between the tracks on my shunting area recently.  But I'd run out of the well known brand of air drying clay and decided to use some much cheaper stuff instead. All I can say is that cheap materials = cheap resu
tanj666 · 81 days ago

I did get ONE request for this... So... What went Wrong? Well...Some of you may recall that despite many other ideas, I had gone back to my initial plans (as we often tend to do) when choosing the “theme” and insignia for the Bus. It was always fixed in my
ourmick · 82 days ago

I meant to write this up over the bank holiday, but time was against me doing that.  I did get a chance to play with the layouts a little though so that was good. So, over the weekend I started playing with some concrete hardstanding.  I thought it would b
tanj666 · 85 days ago
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Club Discount codes have now been updated for Model Railway Scenery & Scale Model Scenery for 2016.
235 days ago
Our special Lock-In Deals for club members have just launched! The first one is now live alive-oh... Click the title above to find out more.
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All vouchers for the Free Laser Cut Mini Kits have now been emailed.
597 days ago
Morning all, Looks like there were some minor issues with 1st class members accessing the videos. I think it's now been resolved!
601 days ago
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The Little Layout Company is busy planning the next LLC Exhibition following the sucess of last year’s event held at the Werrington Community Centre near Peterborough. Layouts and traders are currentl…
in 15 days
Werrington Community Centre, PE4 6QE, United Kingdom
These are pictures of my new OO Gauge end to end layout based on Wickham Station. For further pictures please visit www.facebook.com/wickhamstation.
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2 days ago
Now for the control wires/rods. Ladders ready but I want to get the fiddly bits out of the way before I fit them. Funny thing, looking at the picture after I posted it I am now wondering if the branch…
2 days ago
Prototype laser cut real wood sleepers in OO scale.
2 days ago
4 days ago
Preparation With the point rodding complete it is now time to build the signal box which houses the levers that control the rodding. As mentioned in part 1 I found online a design of a platform moun…
13 days ago
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Online only shop, just starting out, selling accessories, scenics and the things that are hard to find, we also sell a lot of products from the smaller supplier. https://testvalleymodels.com
186 days ago · From GrahamW
TOPP TRAINS OF STAFFORD    .28 MARSTON ROAD STAFFORD  STAFFS  ST16  3BS.. TEL 01785   247883  MOBILE 07977478629..............  topptrains@gmail.com............ Mike runs TOPPTRAINS IN STAFFORD RUNS A WELL STOCKED SHOP. also does servicing  and second hand sales. .... PAY THEM A VISIT  WELL WORTH YO…
191 days ago · From debbie
Timewarp toy and model railway shop, very well stocked display cabinets. Good range of scenics and track. Offers repair/servicing of loco's on an informal basis. Free parking at the front of the shop, more or less opposite Tattenham Corner station.
230 days ago · From cornholio
Independent specialist model railway, book and card shop. Situated in Horley, just a five minute drive from Gatwick airport.  There is a pay and display car park at the back of the shop. They stock a good range of Metcalfe and Peco kits along with loads of track/sundries. Anything they don't have in…
230 days ago · From cornholio
Suppliers of high quality download and print at home card and paper kits for OO gauge, N gauge and O scale railway modellers. Our range includes: Brick papers Roofing textures Paving & flooring Building kits including houses, shops, pubs & industrial buildings Fencing & walling …
230 days ago · From justin
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